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Pigs! for PC & Mac


Get Pigs! for your Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX computer. Purchase securely via PayPal. You will be emailed a link to the downloads after payment. You will be able to receive updates for up to two years after the date of purchase.


Pigs Release

WashamFitness.com Updated

The Washam Fitness site was updated to a more modern and flexible theme. Now the site is ready for mobile devices!

1200 Installs

The Bitcoin Balance app has grown in popularity some more! The 1000 install threshold has been crossed and we are currently at over 1200 installs, and over 60% of those are choosing to keep the app. To celebrate, some neat features like Coinbase.com integration, and Litecoin support were added recently.

Bitcoin Balance 100 Users

Simple Score Keeper

Another simple application was released today. This time it is a simple score keeping application. It allows you to keep track a 2 scores in a really simple interface. Check it out on Google Play.
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Brick Busters Alpha

I was looking to create a simple HTML5 game. I have always enjoyed Breakout so I thought I would make something similar. The game is still a work in progress but I am posting it up anyway.

Simple Timer Version 1.2

Simple Timer 1.2 was just published to Google Play. It adds a lap time feature as well as corrects a display issue in older version of Android and fixes a bug that caused a paused time to be displayed incorrectly.

Simple Timer Version 1.0

Simple Timer 1.0 was published to Google Play today. It is a dead simple timer application.
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