BMTG3 Downloads

Here you can get the latest hot releases (and some old ones) of BMTG3.

BMTG3 is developed primarily in a Linux environment so sometimes the Windows release lags behind. The source is posted so feel free to build your own! Much greater efforts to have up to date Windows releases will be made when BMTG3 gets closer to the 1.0 release. If you would like to help build the Windows/Mac version or aid in the development in any way contact jaytomten at gmail dot com for information on helping out.

A very special thanks goes out to Eric at joyfulcoder at gmail dot com for heading up the Mac version of the game and implementing easily sustainable Mac code into the codebase.

BMTG3-0.3.3-Source.zip61.73 KB
BMTG3-0.3.5.zip23.72 MB